Ensuring the Highest Quality Care

Arms Within Reach Foundation is committed to helping you receive the highest quality care available in upper extremity prosthetics. As we define it, high-quality care means that the practitioner and prosthetic facility must be able to provide patient-centered, comprehensive care that addresses the complex physical, psychological and psychosocial challenges you face.

This holistic approach makes possible the successful fit, function, and psychological integration of a prosthesis, helping you live a more independent, meaningful and productive life.

Qualified facilities will:

• use only American Board Certified practitioners who are

1) experienced in fitting all levels of upper extremity amputees

2) certified by all upper extremity manufacturers

• provide occupational and psychosocial therapy and peer-to-peer mentoring as part of the comprehensive treatment plan

• use a holistic approach to patient care, increasing success in wearing a prosthesis

We want to thank Advanced Arm Dynamics for contributing this information to AWRF.